Why we Critique only Islam?

Note: I found an article by the same title posted by Syed Kamran Mirza. There were about one hundred questions to justify the title. One gentleman’s response to the article of Mr Mirza made me interested in the topic. I have tried to incorporate both views with my own comments in case of eight questions only.


1. Why information about Islamic terrorists is so much talked about now?  The counter was given by citing the examples of non-Muslim terrorist groups like IRS, Gush Emunim, RSS and Shiv Sena etc. However, in terms of number, geographical expanse and intensity of terrorism, Islamic terrorist groups are much ahead of all other taken together.

2. Why one should bother so much about the Ummatic organisations of Islam only? Response was given by showing the examples of Bible Societies, Christian Missionary Schools, NGOs promoting Christianity and Krishna Consciousness groups. But the fact is the non-Islamic groups stated above are conceptually furthest from Islamic Ummah which connotes world-wide conglomeration of Muslim communities.

3. Why can’t we find Jihadi organisations among non-Muslims? It was answered by bring again the examples of IRS, Gush Emunim, RSS and Shiv Sena etc.. But these non-Muslim organisations cannot even be a remote match with world wide Islamic Jihadi organisations. Moreover, Jihad is approved by Qur’an and has all along been in practice.

4. Can we find countries ruled by Bible, Old Testament or Gita? This question was answered by citing the fact that Vatican is ruled by Bible and BJP (of India) wanted to bring Hindu scriptures to rule India. However, the fact remains that Vatican is an apology for a country and BJP’s dream is not seen to be fulfilled in foreseeable future. Moreover BJP’s ideology is not scripture-based as Shariya.

5. Why many Muslim scholars are apologetic to entire mankind for shameful Islamic terrorism? This question was countered by citing examples of violence in Bible, Torah and Gita. But this can not be an escape route as other non-Muslim religions have not taken the reference of violence in their scriptures to execute terrorism so universally as Islam.

6. Why Jihad belongs to Islam only? For argument’s sake it was equated with ‘Crusade’ of Christians. But the problem is Crusade, a long lost entity, was a reaction to the Islamic imperialism and can not be brought in today’s perspective.

7. Why the converts of no other religions (i.e other than Islam) need to change their own national dress code or food habit? Answer was given by citing the dress code of Shikhs and food restriction of Hindus and Jews. Such answer is misdirected. Actually Islam is seen as complete way of life. Thus conversion to Islam stipulates the change of dress code and food habit along with taking up a new Arabic or Persian name. There are many Christian and Buddhist converts who continue to have their local dress and pre-conversion names. Islam wants to regiment all Muslims. In world’s context Shikhs are of no consequence.

8. Why Islamic terrorists are pukka Muslims? Why no moderate Muslim or not-so-good Muslims are terrorists? The response was given circumventing the main issue and telling that many Islamic terrorists may be pukka Muslims but all pukka Muslims are not terrorists. The actual answer is Islam is a violent religion and only indoctrinated and pukka Muslims can be terrorists. Moderate Muslims or not-so-good Muslims do not find any reason to be terrorists.


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