Muslims: what a contrast?

  • The Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan Muhammad Khurshid Khan has begun sewa outside Hindu temples and Shikh gurdwaras in Delhi by polishing the shoes of devotees during 2010. He started this sewa to heal the wounds of minorities in Pakistan. Is not this fact stranger than fiction? Mr Khan is trying to give the message of humanity and not the bruit religion (Islam in this case). Quite expectedly, the Pakistani establishment has issued him a show cause notice for defaming Pakistan.

In this world, we need more and more good people to live.

  •  Sheikh Abdul Rasheed, an independent MLA of J & K Legislative Assembly has submitted a petition to Sri Parnab Mukherjee the Presidential candidate of India seeking clemency for Afzal Guru who is in death row for attacking Indian Parliament. Mr Rasheed argued that hanging Afzal Guru will hurt the psyche of Kashmiri Muslims.  Not much of intelligence is required to understand the pathology in the psyche of Kashmiri Muslims. Guru who did war on India should be spread as he is a Kashmiri Muslim.

In this world, we need less and less bad people to live.

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  1. Too Good The examples are really classic and bring to light the meaning the author wanted to convey.
    Has 7th century Islamic education gone down so much that psyche of the people who undergo these cant respect the parliament of the country they chose to belong to?
    For them he who wages a war against the nation is more than the parliament?
    Islam needs to rectify itself for betterment..

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