Death of God:

All developments in human society have been the results of necessity. Grinding stone, wheel, language, marital institution and governance etc. etc. grew out of sheer necessity. Religions (as practiced by different population groups) were no exception. It is the man who made religions and not any God, Allah or Bhagawan. Why cow does not have a God? Is she not entitled to a God? She does not have a God as she cannot contemplate and create a God for herself. It is as simple as that.

From Second millennium BC to present days, there have been a total of 9 major religions and 53 cults/religious philosophies propagated in this world. Interestingly all nine major religions (Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism, Christianity and Islam) are old with Islam being the last to come during AD seventh century. For next eight centuries, no new religion came in to being. Thereafter during each of fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth century, one new cult/religious philosophy came up. In eighteenth century the figure rose to three. The whole of nineteenth century saw eleven new cults/religious philosophies. Lastly the number of new cult/religious philosophy rose maximum to thirty six in twentieth century. The pattern is very meaningful and objective. Try to imagine this picture as a graph on the wall.

Why after AD seventh century, no new major religion has come? The simple reason being there was no necessity. In other words, religion was a requirement of human society in old times. After the initial lull of eight centuries following advent of Islam, development of religion was replaced by development of cults/religious philosophies mostly out of some major religions. Actually the cults/religious philosophies are only apologies for religions. All these latter cults/religious philosophies have very small followings in international context. This fact means that human beings had left behind need for any religion. When religions have become redundant, God has no relevance.

In twenty first century, the world has become a global village. More emphasis is given on scientific development and socio-economic progress of human society. Theoretically religions were to make good people and good human society. But in actual, all have miserably failed. Today we don’t need any self defeating and bogus religion to be good people. We can be good independent of any religious affiliation. And in absence of religion, God just does not exist anymore.

God (or Allah/Bhagawan) has died as we don’t need him anymore.

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  1. mind blowing article. Very true!

    Indeed religion and God — these terminologies were coined by intellectuals in the past to bring in a discipline in the society among a large group of people. When mankind started evolving, there was a need to differentiate the way a human will lead his life from the way an animal does. Hence, God was invented as the SUPREME UTOPIA , to reach whom we must follow a disciplined life, the rules of which was written as something called RELIGION. There was the need to streamline human-hood and that led philosophers and intellectuals of the past to imbibe the concept of religion.

    The last few centuries didnt see any major religion rising as the very need of a religion was fulfilled. But now, with the continued unrest in the society, a new need is coming to invent a bigger SOMETHING, whom more and more diversified group of people will follow and get disciplined to bring in an social harmony. [Religion which was once invented to socialize humans, has now very the very cause of violence]

    On a funny side, GRAVITY that holds and makes the Earth go round the Sun might be worshiped as a greater GOD by many more communities in the Future, as without it Earth itself will fly out of the Milky Way..

  2. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    We need to practice “rational humanism” in stead of any ritualistic and doctrine based religion. Religions have caused much harm to humanity.

  3. We don’t know yet, whether we (humans) were created by God. Every religion has got it’s own variant on how
    humans originated into Mother Earth.

    But every God was indeed created by humans.

    Religion was created, so that human beings are streamlined in 1 direction – fear for God, worship, duty bound, patience, attentive, concentration etc.,

    All these are part of every religion, in every God’s worship. Is this a irony of coincidence or creation of humans ?. I opt for the second.

    Religion based violence catapults due to people taking it to heart and not to the brain. It’s also a common fact that we Indians as well as the world community see particular religion or people from a particular religion as a threat.

  4. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    “we Indians as well as the world community see particular religion or people from a particular religion as a threat”- It is not fact that a particular religion in India is seen as threat. The fundamentalists of any religion see people of other religions as threat. This is the problem. I think that a person can be good to human society independent of any religious affiliation. Religions create division only and serve no good purpose now. Religions help the contractors of each religion to serve their vested interests in power game.

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