Killing of Muslims in Pakistan:

Pakistani terrorist groups have been killing innocent Muslim Pakistanis every day. What Jihad are they doing by killing innocent people of their faith and country? What is wrong with this Islamic country? The terrorists want to Talibanise Pakistan. But, even if every Pakistani becomes Taliban, the problem will not solve. As there is dearth of non-Muslims in Pakistan, more of general Muslims will be killed to quench the Jihadi blood thirst. The issue will be: who is true Taliban. The more one is ruthless, compassionless, crude and women beater the more Taliban will he be. And the indiscriminate killings of fellow Muslims will go on. At the end, a handful of first class Taliban will fly the flag of Islam in the future graveyard called Pak-Talibanistan. Then next problem will start with the neighbouring Shi’a country of Iran. And the killing will continue. Can Islam  not thrive without killing ?

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