Islam: the latest & most scientific religion

It is some time claimed that Islam is the latest and most scientific religion. By saying ‘latest’ and ‘most scientific’, the claimer wants to establish Islam as the best religion. However, if someone examines the claim dispassionately, it becomes clear that there is nothing ‘latest’ and ‘scientific’ about Islam.

Prophet gave a few thousands of sermons (compiled as Qur’an after his death) during his life time for the followers of Islam. The concepts of monotheism, Allah, Haj and so on and so forth, propagated by the Prophet, were nothing new. He borrowed those from different already existing faiths. So at the best, Islam can be called the ‘latest religious plagiarism’. Well, still there is an escape route. One can call Islam as the most refined monotheism. But what refinement is there in sword, Jihad, polygamy and wife beating? The crystallisation of Islam as theology was done by various early Islamic scholars and companions after the death of Prophet. And they did it in their own way to serve the purpose of Islamic imperialism. People tend to forget one other thing. All ‘latest’ may not be good for human beings. HIV/AIDS is an example.

Coming to science in Islam, one wonders how Islam can be called scientific where Prophet is said to have broken and rejoined Moon, visited paradise, had audience with Allah and earth is considered to be flat? The month long dawn-to-dusk fasting during Roza does not have any proven positive health impact. The claimed existence of the information of modern human embryology and cardio-vascular system in Qur’an is far fetched. Such claim is made in an ambiguous way and always post-dated. Can any Islamic scholar forecast any future discovery or invention specifically and objectively by quoting from Qur’an or Hadith?

In conclusion, Islam is as bogus as any other religion.

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