Islam of Helplessness (Mojburi)

Khomeini (Islamic revolution in Iran, 1979) and Osama bin Laden (Al Quida) were war lords like their Prophet. There have been other similar small timers also in recent time. The intention of Khomeini and bin Laden was to grab power, authority and fame by showing their ability of large scale ruthlessness. But all were in the name of Islam. I wonder there must be some genetic predisposition in these people for their love for violence under the guise of Islam. Out of sheer greed, they took themselves to such height of religious hatred that there was no return for them. And they had to carry the burden of Islam. Islam (Jihad) became a ‘mojburi’ to them.

The question arises: is present day Iran socio-economically the best country of the world? Or has West been weakened to the extent of subjugation under Islam? Answer to both the questions is ‘no’. Then why this blood shed, hatred and cruelty in the name of Islam?

Poor and illiterate/semiliterate Muslims of this sub-continent are mostly converts. They are fed by semiliterate Mullahs since childhood about a very glorified Islam through fictitious stories of Qur’an, Hadith and other Islamic literature. So their ‘mojburi’ is ignorance.

Many educated and well read Muslims very well understand the hollowness of Islam. But they can not come out openly either for fear of being murdered or resultant voidness of their identity. Thus their ‘mojburi’ is fear for life or identity crisis.

Another group consists of Islamic scholars. They believe, study, understand and propagate only one side of the coin (Islam). For them it is haram even to think or question about the other side of coin. This irrationality is their ‘mojburi’.

So, Islam and Mojburi are Synonymous.