Islam: Ka’ba and others.


Ka’ba is a pre-Islamic structure revered by the then Christians, Jews and polytheists. There were a few smaller Ka’bas also in other parts of Arabia. All such Ka’bas were used for annual business and social gathering by different tribes of the region with performance of religious rites by the polytheists Arabs. This was known as Haj. Over the years, the Ka’ba in Mecca superseded others and became the focal place for annual Haj. Ka’ba had 360 idols. Among those, the ‘Black Stone’ (polytheist Arab called it “Hubal” or “Moon God”) is a significant feature of the Ka’ba, stated by Muslims to have been placed there by Abraham and Ishmael, a stone from paradise sent by the angels to Abraham. “Hubal” was the chief God out of 360 idols. All 359 idols were thrown away by Muhammad’s followers but the Black Stone (“Hubal”) remained within Ka’ba (and revered by Muslims even today) either as a compromise with the idolaters or Muhammad’s last drop of attachment with idolatry.

Muslims consider that Ka’ba is the oldest religious building in the world. The reason is simple. Historically they cannot claim it to be a Muslim Allah’s gift to Muhammad. So claiming it to be oldest made a boasting point for them. But Islam believes that before its advent, all religions were Jahilia. So do Muslims accept Jahilia as religions?

Ramses-II of Egypt during pre-Christian era had inscribed his name on many earlier magnificent structures to claim that those were his creations. Muhammad did a similar thing. It was his CLAIM OF CONTINUITY from Adam to him. Thus at the end of the day Ka’ba and Haj became only Islamic. Many Muslims do not even know that the word “Allah” was not first coined by Muhammad for his religion. The word was in use with the meaning of “supreme God” among pre-Islamic Arabs. Muhammad just borrowed it.

Islam is a badly prepared “copy-paste” religion cooked-up and propagated by a war lord for his vested interests.

Visit to Heaven & Hell:

One night when Muhammad was in the house of a lady where he was not supposed to be, a horse (Boraq) with a woman’s face and tail of peacock was sent by Allah. Muhammad went to Jerusalem riding on the Boraq and from there he climbed up a gold ladder to heaven. He even met Allah there. On return journey he made a visit to hell also. Not surprisingly, in heaven he met those whose names were of immense help to him and in hell he met only his personal enemies and infidels. Without heavenly intervention, how Muhammad could cover up his elicit sexual exercise of that night?

Possibly most Muslims of 14 hundred years back accepted the above story as fact either out of faith, under duress or for benefits, but how can today’s Muslims believe this cock and bull story?

Political Islam:

Many Muslims shut their eyes and close their ears so that they can not read or hear other perspectives of Islam than they know. Qur’an has forbidden them doing so. Qur’an has taught them that all except Islam is “Jahilia”. This is some kind of auto-deception. If a religion is that much afraid of critical examination, then it must be inherently very weak or false. The fact is all the religions are false.

We talk of “Political Islam” lately. But, this is nothing new. Islam is politics. Rather it has all ingredients of dictatorial politics (mission & vision, ideologues, loud mouthed leaders, communication system,  conspiracy, blood shed, torture, forceful induction, deceit, public mobilisation and supression etc. etc.), with the intent of grabbing power and rule ruthlessly. The history of Islam speaks like that only. It is intolerant of any other political system. But in Islam the politics is in the guise of a religion.

Widow remarriage and Muhammad:

Marriage of widow had been in vogue in Arabia before Islam. So in no way it is a gift of Islam as many may think. The age difference between the groom and bride was of no consequence in Muhammad’s time. Such was the practice of the day in Arabia. His first wife was a widow much older than him and his most favourite wife (Ayesha) was six years old when Muhammad, an above fifty years old person, married her. Muhammad had many wives, concubines and slave girls only during about the last decade of his life i.e., after the death of his first wife. That was the peak period of his carrier as war lord also. Being a war lord, he maintained his “harem” as per the custom of those days. But before his death, Muhammad forbade that his widows should not remarry again. Poor Ayesha was only 18 years old when Muhammad died. Why Muhammad did not want to practice what was approved by Islam ? Was it the fear for dilution of his heavenly connection? Was it the fear that his widows might disclose his many secrets? Or was it a death bed order of a dictator? There is nothing to glorify about the married and sex life of Muhammad. He was just like any other war lord of the time or earlier or later period.

However, following the sex and married lifestyle of Muhammad today as Sunnah is unthinkable. Will Muslims of 21st century accept this fact is a million dollar question?

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  1. Muhammad had 11 wives and some slaves, but other Muslims are not allowed to marry more than 4. Some Muslim saying, he did this because of spreading Islam or helping the helpless women. But his marriage history is saying another thing. He loved sex and beautiful women and he always tried to capture them anyway.

  2. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    Even if somebody accepts the post-dated logic of 4 wives for the spread of Islam, it only reflects the falsehood and intellectual hollowness of Islam

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