Religions can not make us different

Human beings are also animals. Like all animals they too have a strong survival instinct. Unlike lower animals humans can speak, write and pursue other intellectual activities. This has resulted in the development of a very high and complex social structure and order in humans. Then why men kill one another?

Carnivores kill their prey for food or if they are challenged by any real or perceived enemy. But humans are worst. They kill fellow humans for religion, ethnicity and pride, as well as, physical, political and economic dominance. Thus in spite of being the best evolved animal, humans are like ‘man eater’ tigers.

In the past, different religions had evolved at different periods and places of human history to tame the human beings. But the inherent flaw in each religion in the form of “I am the best” has posed one group against other. This intolerance in the teaching of all religions is their main weakness. Thankfully the scientific developments over the centuries have blunted the religions substantially and made them mostly hypothetical.

We talk of “God Particle” in today’s science. But the term was first coined as “God-damn Particle”. So God has nothing to do with science or science has nothing to do with God. Science has proved that blood from a matched Hindu can be given to a Muslim/Christian/Jew/Buddist. Our development in mother’s womb is same for the followers of all religions. Moreover, a poor is a poor irrespective of his religion. Will science be able to infuse rationality in humans to stop killing one another particularly in the name of religions?

We are not different and “Religions” cannot make us different.

4 thoughts on “Religions can not make us different”

  1. we are created naturally like other animals. Our intelligence made us different. We used our brain and made ourselves the best than others.
    In the early, we created religions and gods because our boundary of knowledge was less. We started war and killing another to show that our god is more powerful than others.
    But now, science proved that all gods are created in humans mind, actually there are no gods. But still, most of the people believe in god.
    I think, the corporate power of the world is preventing to establish the true because of their business and control over the world. The science organizations did not take any step to establish the true, only few humanists around the world are working on it.

  2. yes, we r the most intelligent of any other creature. But I believe where all finished faith will begin. I love to believe that we are all r same. But it is also true without faith nobody can do anything. Finally, it comes 4m depth of mind. U can say religions.
    However, humanity is the best way to stop a war, terror n other activities which makes us the lowest animal nowadays.

  3. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    Hi Shaira,
    Thanks for your comments. I feel that no faith or religion should compromise with humanity and compassion. All the religions are man made and vested interests are playing power game with religions. Do you foresee any improvement in socio-economic condition of poor Bangladeshis with the help of lakhs of Banglabhais? If one can not lead a peaceful and happy life in this world, I don’t give a damn about his prospect of going to an imaginary heaven after death. One can perceive this life but can any body perceive heaven? Propagating heaven reflects vested interest or immatuarity.

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