Allah ordered to kill mother!

At Ashulia, Dhaka, a Muslim fundamentalist killed his mother. He said that Allah ordered him to kill his mother because she didn’t pray. This hypocrite Muslim’s name is Allauddin and his age is 26.

On October 3, 2011, Allauddin and his mother Joytun Nesa (68) came beside Bongshi River. At noon he took her mother to ‘Tati Bill’ and bound her hands and legs with rope. He killed his mother sinking into a pond.

Local people said Allauddin was not sick and recently he returned from Tablig Jamat after finishing a Chaillah. After killed his mother, Allauddin told people that he killed because Allah ordered to do so. Sometimes he said that he was affected by Jin (Evil) and Jin ordered him to kill his mother. People found Joytun Nesa dead in that pond.

Allauddin’s older brother Jasimuddin said that Allauddin tortured his family members sometimes but he was mentally fine. Jasimuddin sued Allauddin for murdering. Police arrested Allauddin.

Most of the religious fundamentalists are dangerous. They are brain washed. These kinds of people are harming the society and behaving inhumane.

Source: Kaler Kantho.

8 thoughts on “Allah ordered to kill mother!”

  1. These people do not represent Islam. Christian fundamentalists do not represent Christianity, and Communist Fundamentalists do not represent atheists. As for this idiot, I hate him. Killing his own mother??? That is probably the WORST sin a Muslim could ever commit. I absolutely hate this man. There is a Hadith that says that “paradise lies at the foot of the mother”. This man is going to Hell.

  2. Islam doesn’t teaches to kill the mother, ISLAM TEACHES: ”PARADISE LIES UNDER OUR MOTHER’S FEETS”

    If he said it’s jinns, he must be Possessed by Jinn. People can go mentelly ill, any time. We know anger comes from Shaytan, evils. If he tortured his family members, what do we think of? I am sure he is ill..

    “The pen is lifted from three people: A person sleeping until he wakes up; an insane person until he regains sanity; and a child until he reaches the age of puberty.” [Ahmad, Abu Dawood, An-Nasa’i, ibn Majah with saheeh isnaad.]

    Still none can tell who will go to heaven or hell, but Allaah…:)


  3. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    How Allauddin could hear Allah? Only Prophet could hear him and that too some 1400 years back. This is Blasphemy. Allauddin should be beheaded.

  4. Unbelievable story. I think there are some exaggeration in the circumstance, which has totally distracted the whole phenomenon. Before making any statement, it’s wise to be confirmed regarding the event. Yes, one can make comments after visiting the crime site and interviewing both alleged and the accuser.
    Allah A’zza wajal knows the best. May Allah forgive all of us.

  5. Dr J Bhattachharjee

    Dear Mohib,
    Do you expect the readers to behave like members of judiciary system? Are you covertly supporting Allauddin? Why Allah should forgive all of us and for what reason?

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