A Trawler sinks in Buriganga with about 100 passengers

On Saturday, 4.45 pm; a trawler, carrying about 100 passengers, has sunk in Buriganga near the Mitford hospital ghaat. Fire service workers are trying to rescue the passengers. Many are guessing that about 25 passengers are missing. Some saved themselves by swimming.

The Trawler was carrying passenger from Babubazar ghaat to Madbarbazar ghaat at Kamrangirchar. In front of Mitford hospital ghaat, at midpoint of the river, the trawler had sunk when it was pushed by two sand carrying boards.

Fire service found two dead bodies still now. They are Md. Ripon and Jahangir. Ripon was a worker of Mitford hospital. Fire service says that they are trying to rescue the passengers. The river is deep at that place and the rescue team is facing problem finding the lost passengers.

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