Muhit climbs the peak of the Mount Everest

Muhit is the second Bangladeshi who climbed at the top of the Mount Everest of Himalayas. 39 years old MA Muhit reaches the Everest’s peak with a Nepali people named Premba Dorji Serpa on 21st May, 2011.

Muhit is a member of Bangla Mountaineering Tracking Club (BMTC). BMTC president Enam Al Haque says, “Muhit called me from Sherpa’s mobile after climbed the top. He was excited at that moment. He will say the details story of his climbing after come down the level 1 base camp.”

Musa Ibrahim congratulates Muhit and says, “His success brings glory for our country and the young generation will be encouraged.” Musa Ibrahim was the first Bangladeshi mountaineer who conquered the Mount Everest one year ago (23rd May, 2010). Bangladeshis are proud for him for climbing the peak of the Mount Everest.

Muhit climbs the Mount Everest peak as a 2nd Bangladeshi mountaineer

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