Dear West Indies Team, We are really sorry at this incident

Dear West Indies Cricket Team, We are extremely ashamed and sorry at this incident. No words can help ameliorate what the West Indies Cricket team had to suffer because of some insensible, insolent human being. To Mr Gayle and the rest of the team, please understand that this incident was totally out of real flow. WI and all other team are always welcomed by the general people of Bangladesh. We love the game of cricket .West Indies cricket team has been a great team over the years. What happened was unintentional from us. But we ,the people of Bangladesh are seeking apology from you guys. Keep on your good works and best of wishes for matches to come. WE ARE SORRY.

Bangladeshi fans says sorry to west indies team after stoning to their bus
Bangladeshi fans says sorry to west indies team with bannars, flowers and letter.

This morning Bangladeshi fans went to the hotel to apologize to the West Indies players and congratulate them with flowers. They accepted a. “Lets say sorry to our guest” team with hundred members gathered in front of Hotel Sheraton with flowers, letter and banners written ‘sorry’. West Indies Cricket Team didn’t come down for some security reasons but Gayle sent someone with his cell phone to capture some photos. Hope that West Indies and ICC can forget what happened and move on.

Yesterday, when the teams were moving away from the ground to the hotel, some stones hit the bus of West Indies Team when it was about three minutes on its way back to the hotel. Some bullshit fans did that. The matter is being investigated. Definitely, Bangladesh Police will be able to catch the bullshit guys.

News of the incident spread across the world within moments as Chris Gayle tweeted after the incident, he wrote, “This is some b*******, Bangladesh stoning our bus!!! Freaking glass break!!! This is c***, can’t believe..what next bullets!!!! Kiss teeth”.

Bangladesh’s bowling coach Ian Pont says, “The incident we had is probably a minor one, but the point is there shouldn’t be any. We are a host country, and I am thinking it’s our disgruntled fans. I am absolutely sure that they wouldn’t have deliberately targeted the West Indies’ vehicle. They were just throwing stuff at buses. All the buses look the same, and we have got blue curtains up. I am not even sure they could even see, so they were just throwing anything.”

Mustafa Kamal, the Bangladesh Cricket Board president, say, “We are sorry about the incident. This is the first time it is happening here,” he said. “Now we will take extra care. Much more security measures will be taken care of.”

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