The God module:

Civilisations grew up gradually in different parts of the world from pre-historic age. Mans are the bricks of the society. They tamed their animal behaviours when they felt that life in organised and collective manner was beneficial for survival and growth of all. This was the reason for the coming of civilisations.

With the intellectual […]

Hypocrisy in Indian secularism

This piece has not been written for mud slinging purpose. We are human beings and have rights to lead our personal lives as we want without dislocating the social peace and harmony. The object of this piece is politico-social.

Jawarharlal Nehru was arguably Muslim. Firoz Khan (Gandhi) & Indira Gandhi (Maimuna Begum) were also Muslims […]

ISLAMITY: The antonym for humanity

As per recent news paper report of India, a group of 11 Muslim youths have been apprehended in Karnataka state for having links with Islamic terrorist organisations of Pakistan. The group, among others, consists of a journalist, post graduate doctor, MBA and a defense research officer. The arrest was culminated after four months of tracking […]

Why Islam stayed and flourished?

When Mohammad died, Islam only had a few thousands of Qur’anic verses some in written (on parchments, grave stones and bones) and others in oral form with different followers.

All said and done, the question remains to be answered as to why Islam not only stayed but also flourished during past 14 centuries. The common […]

Death of God:

All developments in human society have been the results of necessity. Grinding stone, wheel, language, marital institution and governance etc. etc. grew out of sheer necessity. Religions (as practiced by different population groups) were no exception. It is the man who made religions and not any God, Allah or Bhagawan. Why cow does not have […]

Islamic education of Muslim children:

The most basic problem with Islam is its mandatory ‘Islamic teachings’ for children. Children’s mind is just like clay and can be moulded as desired or more precisely as the religious teachers of Islam want. The two questions that come up are: where the Muslim children are taught about Islam and what are they taught […]