Police Investigation Found RAB guiltless: An Injustice to Limon

Limon the victim

frustrated Limon hearing the false investigation report.

It is difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the name Limon as well as what has happened to him. Limon who worked at a brick kiln to earn money to pay for his education had to have leg amputated from the thigh on […]

New System of Medical Admission: all updates and the reasons behind its ineffectiveness

protest for admission system

The decision taken by the Bangladesh government of enrolling students in the medical and dental colleges based on their GPA has already been unaccepted by the people of all sects of Bangladesh. Admission test is the one and only way to judge one’s talent not the so-called GPA 5. Now a day’s GPA 5 is […]

No New Household Gas Connection in Near Future Said by Energy Adviser Tawfiq

There was a slightest chance of giving new gas connection to the households but the declaration from Tawfiq -e- Elahi Chowdhury has moved away that chance. Tawfiq –e- Elahi Chowdhury prime ministers ‘adviser on energy issues has turned down any possibility of providing new gas connection. So in the near future, there is no hope […]

Violence wrapped up Jahangirnagar University campus: clash between students and police

dhaka-aricha road blocked by the students

Like some other universities, Jahangirnagar University is also going to fall in an uneven condition as from early of today severe clash is going between the students and the police. I am thunderstruck of hearing about the open firing of police on the students. In Bangladesh, nothing is impossible. It is required to find out […]

Destiny chairperson and 21 other officials are under legal action due to money laundering

say NO to destiny and multi-level marketing

A month long investigation was going on about the claim about destiny that the chairpersons and other high officials cheated their investors through illegal transferring of money. Finally, the anti –corruption commission yesterday sued destinies’ 22 officials for money laundering. And huge amount of money 3285.26 […]

BNP Will Start Their Movement Right After Eid

According to Khaleda Zia the chairperson of BNP, BNP will start their movement to rise democracy or to restore democracy and this movement will going to start right after the Eid-ul-fitr which is generally we can say the anti-government movement.

Khaleda Zia gave the declaration of movement from an iftar party organized by the 18-Party […]