Masala Tea

I just love tea. I think there are few people out there who doesn’t love tea. On top of that if its masala tea or spiced tea then it will be more enjoyable. Not only it tastes good but also it has magical benefits if anyone is suffering from sore throat or cold. Let’s learn […]

Cold Coffee in Ramadan

In ramadan people like to think about food more than an usual day. Generally I am a foodie person however Ramadan makes me more crazy about food. Advertisements of different types of drinks are mostly creates thirst to people. Therefore today I am going to share one simple recipe with you and that is cold […]

No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

A few days ago I saw a recipe of cheesecake on my Facebook wall. I just go through it but didn’t try. After that I noticed that cheesecake recipe was so popular that everyone sharing that recipe. So I had to try that and it came out real good. This can be a good side […]