History of Bangladesh – Gupta Dynasty (240-550 CE)

Kumaradevi and Chandragupta in a coin made by Samudragupta

History of Bangladesh: Ancient Period – Part 2

Gupta Dynasty (c.240-550 CE):

In 321BC, Chandra Gupta Morjo established Gupta dynasty in India. In Northern Bangla Gupta dynasty established in the period of Ashak (269-232 BC). It was in Bogra Mahasthangarh and the Pundra Nagar was the capital of this reign. According to Huen Shang, a […]

History of Bangladesh – Ancient Period

Mahasthangarh was the capital of Pundra kingdom

The country Bangladesh was born in 1971. Therefore, the history of Bangladesh started from 1971. Before the creation of Bangladesh, it was a part of others and known as different names, such as, East Pakistan, East Bangla, Bengal etc. We included the history from ancient to present in brief.

The History of Bangladesh:

We are […]