Bookstalls in Mirpur 10 circle

In dictionary meaning book describes a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. The truth is book is something more than that. To me it’s kind of drug to this you can be addicted or you will get relief from any type of pain. Therefore book is a medicine for any mental or emotional sufferers. In Dhaka city there is a big book market in Nilkhet, opposite to new market. All kinds of books are available there including children story books, children academic books, school, college, university, job related books, novels, digest, newspapers or even Islamic books and what not. Similarly Nilkhet book market there is another book market growing big day by day which is in Mirpur 10 circle. Exactly from when this has been growing that I am not sure.

The other day I was just passing by those shops and I wanted to know that what type of books are there. Trust me I have found a huge collection over there and also at a very cheap rate. I wonder how they manage to keep all those collections as they don’t have any storage room. In every season they are proudly doing their business. Lower class or middle class people are the main customers of those bookstalls as most of the upper class people don’t feel like to buy old or second hand books. I also like the brand new books and the smell of a new book however, I don’t mind buying second hand books at all. Books are books…. only if I can keep reading from the books that’s okay. Unfortunately new generation kids don’t like to read much. I have seen a lot of kids hate their books. It’s a pressure to read for them. I don’t want to blame them rather I want to blame the parents of those kids and the education system as they lose the interest from books.

Dhaka International Trade Fair, 2017

2016 is about to end. As soon as the new year starts Dhaka starts with its international trade fair at Sher-e-Banglanogor just west side of Bangobondhu International Conference Centre. This is relatively the center of Dhaka city therefore people from all over the Dhaka city comes here with great interest. The trade fair duration is from 1st January to 31st January. Throughout the month people at different ages in different time visits the fair. This time it will the 22nd time the trade fair will be organized.

Like previous years, this time there will be various stalls from various countries. Not all the foreign stalls are getting attracted by the visitors rather few of them are in their list like Indian stalls, Pakistani stalls, Turkey stalls, Thai stalls and so on. From my last time experience Bangladeshi stalls are highly prioritized and from them furniture stalls, home maker item stalls, cosmetics stalls, ornaments stalls and many more.

Above stalls have highly visited every year so far, still there are some stalls have been extremely criticized over years and those are food stalls. There are so many food stalls as most of the visitors go there with their family moreover it’s a place where you need to walk much so you can be thirsty or even hungry. Keep that in your mind that don’t even dare to go to any food stalls because may be for that reason you need to spend a lot of money besides the quality of that food will be unsatisfactory. Don’t get dishearten as there are lots of stalls where you can buy drinks, snacks, foods except the food stalls. One more thing I hate about trade fair that is the traffic in the roads gets increased because of the trade fair so I am in favor to move it to some other place where the main place of the Dhaka city will remain calm and quiet.

Khud in Bogra

Each and every country has some special foods. Likewise every region has some special foods of their own. I was born in Dhaka and never been to village that much until I get married. After my marriage I went to Bogra and there I have been introduced with a new food. That is actually made by rice but the rice was broken and that was called Khud. The processing time of the crop rice into rice some of the rice gets broken and those have been sorted out very carefully as those are used for Khud. So this is the procedure of getting Khud.

The very first morning of my in laws house I ate this yummy and real spicy food. Especially the people of Bogra eat this in the winter season after getting the new crops. Usually they enjoy it in the morning time as breakfast still you can enjoy it in any time as a full meal.

The process of making this is very simple and super easy. The same way Bengali people cook rice the exact way Khud is at first cooked with water. After the Khud gets ready it gets mixed with red pepper, onion, small amount of garlic, mustered oil and finally salt. After mixing it properly some people eat that with beef or egg or even with eggplant fry.

In many parts of Banglaesh Khud is very famous. However the preparing of the khud can be in any style. From my first experience having it was really good. But one thing I must admit that this is super spicy. Whenever you travel to Bogra don’t forget to taste that and be cautious as it is spicy.

Days in Cox’s Bazar

Last year in 2015 we had our first anniversary. In these days everyone gives special treat to friends and family, unfortunately or fortunately we were not financially equivalent on that time to spend thousands of money on that issue. Rather we were planning something else only for us. Just two of us!!! So we planned to go for a tour in Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin. Our anniversary was on 4th April but we started our journey on 2nd April at night. I was extremely excited as I was never been to cox bazar or any beach in my entire life. Don’t think that my husband was not excited, he was also excited because he had been there before 10 years back so everything became hazy from his memory.

Anyways after a long 10 hours journey we had reached in Cox’s Bazar in the morning at 8 am. I was cautiously waiting to hear the noise of the shore as someone told me that from very far people can hear the sound of the shore unfortunately I couldn’t hear anything like that.

Suddenly I saw the beach, the longest sea beach in the world from my bus and the bus was about to stop at that moment. We had a friend over there and he helped us to arrange a hotel and had our breakfast together. Now it’s time to go for a swim. It was a sunny day however the sun seemed extremely sweet for us. The wind was breezing too heavily and felt like it’s going to rain soon. We took shower and suddenly it started raining all of a sudden that doubled our enjoyment.

We stayed Cox’s Bazar for 3 days and it a great journey. We loved the food over there, the weather, coconut water, dried fish market and most importantly we loved the sea at night. I can go there in every single month to cheer me up.

A great achievement of Mithila

On 5th December, 2016 it was really a sunny day though it should be cold as its winter. The students of BRAC University were feeling warmer than the weather. This was the convocation day!!! On that day everyone was wearing blue gown as BRAC University has its own blue gown for the students. Mithila was one of them wearing her blue gown and she was glowing not only she was post graduating but she was getting Chancellor’s gold medal on that day. Only two of the students got Chancellor’s gold medal on that ceremony from those two students one from undergraduate and other from post graduate and that star is Rafiath Rashid Mithila having 4 out of 4 cgpa. This is definitely a great achievement by her. At the time of her announcement she brought her 3 years baby girl Ayra Tehreem khan on the stage and took the medal together.

That was such a beauty!!

Spring Onion with Egg

Today I am going to share one of the easiest recipe that you ever knew. It’s winter season and in vegetable shop it’s full of spring onion with a cheap rate also. So buy spring onion and make this easy and delicious recipe.


  1. Chopped Spring onion 2 cups
  2. One medium size egg
  3. Green chili 2/3
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Oil/ butter
  6. Turmeric powder half tea spoon
  7. Coriander powder half tea spoon


At first keep a pan on the stove and lit the fire on. Put two tea spoon of oil/ butter let it warm. When the oil is enough warm take one large egg and put it on the pan and scrambled it. Now keep the scrambled egg aside and put another pan on the stove and let the spring onion boil but do not put any extra water rather cover it for 5 minutes. Now add salt to taste, turmeric powder, coriander powder and chili with the spring onions. At the end add the scrambled egg with the spring onion and mix it very well and finally its ready to serve with plain rice, plain polao or even paratha.