Padma Bridge Construction Work Will be Started by May 2013

Returning back of world bank on the issue of Padma bridge is a good news for the people of Bangladesh as well as the total region. This project is an iconic project as it has the potential to transform lives and unleash extraordinary opportunities for investment trade and jobs. But already starting of this project has been delayed due to the problems occurred by the persons who were involved in this project before. So we the people of Bangladesh want this project to start as early as possible and from the statements of the finance minister we can hope so.

According to the saying of finance minister Muhit we came to know that the government is willing to start the Padma bridge project by April/May of the next year. So the tender will be floated in the next month. “The tender for the bridge construction work will be floated in October and we will lay the foundation for the bridge in either April or May,” said by AMA Muhit yesterday. And about this plan World bank as well as others lenders has already been concerned by the Bangladesh government. Muhit also said “The World Bank has already agreed to the modalities suggested by me for the bridge construction. They also have some tender documents. They are scrutinizing those,” . And all other formalities will be completed by before the work starts. By the way our people of Bangladesh want in any way our dream project Padma bridge will exist in reality. We don’t want any more corruption and hope this time the government will handle this issue directly and in a very strict way. The economic adviser of prime minister moshiur Rahman had gone on leave and this ensures the government is rearranging the project team.

Starting of the construction is not the end more over the government has to bring out all of them who were engaged in the corruption and should give them punishment so that the rest of the journey of constructing Padma bridge remain corruption free.

As after all the conditions met by the government world bank has come back. A team from world bank will come very soon in Bangladesh and they will check ways to implementation of the project as early as possible which is no doubt a good news. Another good news is that japan international cooperation agency , a co-financier of the Padma bridge project extended its loan validity date to June 13 next year.

So all are happening according what we want and wish this will continue to happen until this project ends. My request to all who are involved in this project to be honest with this project as this is not only a project but also the dream of millions of people of Bangladesh.

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