Violence wrapped up Jahangirnagar University campus: clash between students and police

dhaka-aricha road blocked by the students Like some other universities, Jahangirnagar University is also going to fall in an uneven condition as from early of today severe clash is going between the students and the police. I am thunderstruck of hearing about the open firing of police on the students. In Bangladesh, nothing is impossible. It is required to find out the forces behind this occurrence. Movement against different issues is a common event in the public varsities, which can be solved by discussion but obviously not by open firing which happened in Jahangirnagar University.

Police have open fired on the students. They fired rubber bullets that caused injury to at least five students. Rakib’, from 39th batch of the Department of Pharmacy, ‘Robin’, from 41st batch of the Department of Mathematics, ‘Maruf’, from 39th batch of the Institute of Information Technology, ‘Nahid’, from the Department of Finance and Banking and ‘Bashir’, from the 40th batch of the Department of Statistics, were injured in the firing. In response to it, the students of Jahangirnagar University blockaded Dhaka-aricha highway, which results a 10-km traffic jam of the vehicles on both sides. And general people are suffering due to the jam. This continued until 11.30 am.

Not all the students but some of the students are always in behind of such movements. Most of the times there are political issues at the back of these movements. And like others this movement is nothing but the outcome of the conflict between the two groups of Bangladesh chhatra league of Jahangirnagar university.

From Campus sources, it is known that a group of Bangladesh Chhatra League of Jahangirnagar University beat up Likhon who belongs to a BCL faction. And he was beat up in the Bangabandhu Hall around 10:30pm Wednesday following an inter-party disagreement. Protesting the attack, Likhon’s connections brought out a procession on the campus around 11:00pm.After few moments, police entered Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall of the university and tried to arrest Nahid. He is a third year student of anthropology department accused of attacking Likhon. Police shot fire in the air when other students resisted them from arresting Nahid. Pro-VC Prof Farhad Hossain, Registrar Abu Bakr Siddique, Treasurer Prof Nasiruddin and Proctor Prof Tapan Kumar Saha came to resolve the situation through discussion but failed.

If this situation continues, the varsity will be closed and the study of the general students will be in an inferior position. So the varsity authority should take immediate steps to find the forces attached to this movement and take proper action against them.

Therefore, the reason is what I said before. Conflict between the political groups and the sufferer of this are the students and the general people. University is a place where students come to be enlightened but this dirty politics, some students related to it making the environment of the universities very unpleasant for the general students, and their studies. Student politics should be banned either this type of situation will arise repeatedly.

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