Tomorrow Monday is the Day of Eid Al-Fitr

We the people of Bangladesh are going to celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr  tomorrow Monday as the members of the national moon sighting committee of Bangladesh assured of sighting no moon yesterday . It is one of the two biggest festivals of the Muslims. After the month of Ramadan, this day starts with the breaking of  the month long fasting and the day of Eid Al Fitr Is the first day of Shawwal. Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and the United Arab Emirates are celebrating Eid today.

Muslims become sad at the end of this holy month as in this month we the Muslim get more chance to get closure to Allah. But the joy of’ Eid Al-Fitr overcomes the sadness as `Eid Al-Fitr is a day of blessing and happiness, as it signifies the successful completion of the sacred month of Ramadan, marks the completion of an act of obligation and devotion. It teaches us the lesson that real happiness arises from performing one’s duty and making sacrifices for a noble objective and that is to gain the contentment of Allah.

Fasting is only for the sake of Allah and its reward will also given by Allah. When someone is fasting none but Allah is the only knower whether he really fasts or not and the one who fasts he intends to fast only for the sake of Allah. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. The practice of fasting sublimates the inner self of man and inculcates discernment of the pangs and hardships that the poor and needy suffer. This emotion is awakened in all those, whether young or old, who observe fasting. It is the loftiest achievement of moral exercises that is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm and spirit on the day of `Eid Al-Fitr. Hope we the Muslims will take the spirit of the holy month Ramadan throughout the whole year.

All preparations for holding the Eid congregation have already been completed all over the country. Like other years, the main congregation will held at the national Eidgah that is adjacent to the premises of the Supreme Court, at 8:30 am. But if the weather goes out of favor then time may change. More congregations will also hold in other places such as Dhaka University sports ground and the south plaza of the Jatiya Sangsad. Under the north and south city corporation in total 90-congregation will held in 90 wards in Dhaka tomorrow. The biggest of all congregations will hold in the “Sholakiah Eidgah Moydan” at Kishorgonj. Many TV channels will live telecast this biggest congregation.

People with their families have already reached to their homes. This year they had a lot of harassment in the bus terminals and the railway stations but the happiness of celebrating with all overcomes the difficulty of reaching home. We should not forget those who are poor and have no ability to celebrate the Eid with new clothes and foods. We should stand beside them and will make their Eid a pleasant one. Then this Eid will bring real happiness and joy in our life and we will get the ultimate reward that is the contentment of Allah.

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