Police Investigation Found RAB guiltless: An Injustice to Limon

Limon the victim

frustrated Limon hearing the false investigation report.

It is difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the name Limon as well as what has happened to him. Limon who worked at a brick kiln to earn money to pay for his education had to have leg amputated from the thigh on March 27, 2011 and this was happened due to unlawful shooting of RAB to Limon. RAB shoot Limon on the leg on March 23 while he was bringing cattle back home at Chaturia village under Rajapur upazila of Jhalkathi.

And from then he is living a life full of struggle and from the very beginning police and RAB were trying to accuse him and they were trying to show Limon as a criminal. According to them, Limon was injured in gunfight during an anti-crime operation. These were some lame excuses showed by RAB. Later we have known that Limon in no way was unattached to any type of crime. He was a youngster who was struggling to continue his study. And RAB made this innocent boys future sightless.

So, Limon’s mother Henora begum filed the case against six RAB man with Rajapur police station on last year April 10 but police at first refused to record the case. The case was recorded later on 26 April following court orders. The six whom before charge was brought they are assistant director of crime prevention company Lutfar Rahman, Corporal Majharul Islam, Nayek Moktadir Hossain, Nayek Prahalad Chandra, Soldier kartik kumar Biswas and Constable Abdul Aziz of Barisal rab-8. And in the mean time RAB brought a case against Limon saying that he is a member of a terrorist group and was also arrested by RAB. After the case brought against RAB by Limon’s mother the whole, family of Limon had to go through a lot of harassment and still they are going on.

Police have quietly submitted a report to Jhalkathi court Tuesday and said that they have found no evidence and witness in favor of the attempt-to-murder case filed by Limon’s mother. Sub-Inspector of Rajapur Police Station Halim Talukder, who investigated the case, submitted the investigation report to the Senior Judicial Magistrate’s Court of Jhalkathi. He told, “The allegations brought against the RAB were not proved in the investigation,” he also added “ the victim’s father and uncle were made witnesses in the case, but his father was then in Dhaka, uncle in another area while his mother at their home during the incident of shooting. The plaintiff did not provide enough information to substantiate allegations made in the case”

In response to this false inquiry report, a frustrated Limon said, “Police filed two false charge-sheets against me. In the case filed by my mother, they have also submitted an investigation report by concealing the truth to make RAB innocent.” Limon’s counsel Manik Acharya told that police submitted false investigation report to the court on being influenced by RAB. “But the truth can’t be hidden in any way. We will continue the legal battle.”

We the people of Bangladesh know Limon is above suspicion and we were with Limon from the very beginning and we will be until Limon gets justice. However, the government instead of giving support to Limon is trying to make the accused RAB officers safe. It seems that justice is not for the one who is oppressed but for the oppressors.

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