No New Household Gas Connection in Near Future Said by Energy Adviser Tawfiq

There was a slightest chance of giving new gas connection to the households but the declaration from Tawfiq   -e- Elahi Chowdhury has moved away that chance. Tawfiq –e- Elahi Chowdhury prime ministers ‘adviser on energy issues has turned down any possibility of providing new gas connection. So in the near future, there is no hope for the consumers to have new gas line.

Increase of gas supply will be given according to the priority basis. In Bangladesh, generally the first priority goes to the power plants. We know that in our country now-a-days load shedding is the most talked of all problems and the government from the very beginning trying to solve this. Therefore, the primary condition to control the load-shedding problem is to produce more power and for that, a huge supply of gas is required. So first of all gas supply will be increased in the power plant section and I appreciate this decision.

Gas supply in the fertilizer sector has remained stopped for several months as the government diverted the gas supply to the power plant sector to increase power generation to meet the demand. Therefore, gas supply will be increased in the industries and fertilizer factories next. Tawfiq said, “Right at this moment, our first priority is power, then industries and fertilizer. We will resume gas supply to fertilizer factories soon. If we find any new energy option, then we’ll think about the household consumers.”

Since July 2010, the government has suspended new gas connection to households. New connection will be given when the country’s overall gas output exceeds 2,200 million said by the government at the time of imposing the ban. Though it exceeds the limit now, still the government is strict on not to supply gas to the new households and saying that from strategic point of view this is not possible now.

Tawfiq -e- Elahi said the present government has taken some planned decisions counting setting up of short term rental power plants which started yielding result.”The government’s strategy has proved right. This Ramadan, the people first time consumed electricity without any interruption or load shedding,” he said, taking a swipe at the critics of the rental power plants.


So the situation seems very contradicting if new connection of gas lines to the households is given power supply will be reduced on the other hand no new connection to the households is possible if supply is increased to the power plants. However, we the people want at a time continuous power supply and gas connection to the households. Nevertheless, the government is not ready for that as there is not enough gas to meet the requirement of all these sectors at a time.

But still there is hope as Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration Company (Bapex), a subsidiary of state-owned Petrobangla, has discovered a new layer of gas in the No 2 well of Srikail gas field in Comilla. So, it’s up to the governments’ efficiency to meet the demands of the people as early as possible.

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