Destiny chairperson and 21 other officials are under legal action due to money laundering

Say no to Destiny 2000

say NO to destiny and multi-level marketing

A month long investigation was going on about the claim about destiny that the chairpersons and other high officials cheated their investors through illegal transferring of money. Finally, the anti –corruption commission yesterday sued destinies’ 22 officials for money laundering. And huge amount of money 3285.26 crore has been transferred illegally by them.

Anti-corruption commission filed two cases against destinies’ high officials. And it includes managing director Mohammad Rafiqul Amin and director lieutenant gen (rtd) M Harunur Rashid.this two cases were filed separately. ACC Deputy Director Mozahar Ali Sardar and Assistant Director Md Towfiqul Islam filed two different cases against them with the Kalabagan Police Station in the capital. Of the two cases, Towfiqul Islam filed a case against Rafiqul Amin, chairman of Destiny 2000 Ltd and its director Lt. Gen. M Harunur Rashid and 20 other high officials on charge of misappropriation over Tk 1178 crore from the Destiny’s tree plantation project. Mozahar Ali Sardar filed another case against twelve officials of the company including Lt. Gen. Harunur Rashid and Rafiqul Amin bringing allegation that the accused misappropriated over Tk 2106 crore from the cooperative society.

According to the money laundering acts, if the accused persons are found guilty, they will have to refund double the amount to the victims through the government and they will be jailed for a minimum 4 years and maximum 12 years. Anti corruption commission after the investigation noticed that there is left only 56-lakh taka in the accounts of the destiny multipurpose co-operative society limited. Rest of the money has already transferred which is no doubt illegal though destiny is trying to present so many lame excuses. ACC deputy director Mozahar Ali Sardar told reporters that DTPL had collected about Tk 2,335 crore from people by selling 6,18,48,630 trees between March 3, 2006 and April 2012. He also added that it was found that the Destiny officials had misappropriated the funds in the name of salary, honorarium, bonus, commission, motivation and promotional costs. All of these excuses are nothing but abnormal responses against their corruption.

At a time, there were many multi level-marketing companies here in our country and most of them have already cheated their investor and fled already. Destiny is now walking in the same path. But honestly I am not feeling sorry for this company and its investors because multi level marketing is nothing but a way to hold others money in an illegal way though the way seems very legal and trust worthy.

I personally never suggest anyone to invest destiny though many of the investors tried so many times to convince me. But from the very beginning I was sure of the illegality of this business process and also from Islamic point of view it is haram. I don’t know what will happen to all the investors of destiny and their ongoing project but hope this time people will learn to say no to multi level marketing.

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