What is The future of Padma Bridge?

Padma bridge a hope of Bangladeshi peoples, which has already ended due to the corruption of our politicians. Though the Bangladesh government is saying that they are capable of investing Padma Bridge I am not finding any possibility of that, as this is a project of huge amount of money. Therefore, I think there is no hope no future of this bridge at all. However, not all the people are hopeless they are still in hope that this dream will come to reality.

Bangladesh government applied to the World Bank to give a think again of their decision of cancelling the project of Padma Bridge. Nevertheless, the newly appointed World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim has said the decision to cancel loan for the Bangladesh’s Padma bridge project was ‘appropriate’, according to international media reports. He also said that World Bank was ‘very concerned’ about the well-being of the poorest people in Bangladesh. But in no way it is possible for the world bank to allow corruption in such a big project. The World Bank cancelled its pledged $1.2-billion loan for Bangladesh’s $2.9 billion biggest infrastructure project saying the government had not cooperated in investigating “high-level corruption” in the project, an allegation Bangladesh refused. Now it is clear that there is no slightest possibility of investing this project again by World Bank. Even the co-financer Asian Development Bank also cancelled their agreement of financing.

The government is constantly refusing the allegations of corruption. In a reply of a question of independent, MP Fazlul karim prime minister said, “All of a sudden the World Bank came up with allegations of corruption. But they could not provide any evidence. How could there be corruption when they had not released even a single penny for the project? “Therefore, I think it should be investigated and revealed who are behind it [cancellation of credit] and what are their objectives behind raising allegations of corruption,”  but my question is that why didn’t the prime minister said these before when the world bank claimed of corruption? What are the reasons behind not forming a investigation team?

By the way, the government is also saying that this bridge will be constructed by our own money but I do not know where from this money will come! Delay even by 6 months, in constructing the 2.9 billion Padma bridge might escalate the project’s cost by 4 to 5 percent. So rather than lots of unnecessary talking’s the government should show their sincerity on actions.

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