The World Bank Cancelled Bangladesh’s Padma Bridge Project

World Bank will not provide credit to Padma Bridge project

It’s again the corrupted politicians whom we are already ashamed of are the reason for which World Bank has cancelled its 1.2 billion IDA credit in support of the Padma multipurpose bridge project. The only reason behind this is that the Bangladesh government was not adequate in its response to check corruption despite world banks repeated reminders. In a statement world bank said, “In light of the inadequate response by the Government of Bangladesh, the World Bank has decided to cancel its $1.2 billion (International Development Association) credit in support of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project, effective immediately,”.

This bridge was a long appreciated yearn of the people who were in great need of this bridge for a long time. The 6.2-km long Padma Bridge is a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River to be constructed in Bangladesh to link the country’s underdeveloped south with the capital Dhaka and the main port of Chittagong. The $3bn bridge, planned to go into service in 2014.The loan was originally approved in February 2011, but allegations of corruption in the tender process led the bank to ice over the loan by October.

I am speechless what to say about this government. It is willingly happened. The government had enough time to investigate what happened behind the screen. Nevertheless, it in spite of investigation was busy to find a way to set aside the corrupted politicians and the others related to this corruption. When it was clear that there is, something going on that made the WB bound to freeze the budget the government needed to be strict to end up this corruption. By the way, the result comes according what they did and we are the sufferer.

After the statement of World Bank, I think there is no hope at all to regain this contract. Still we have to take some steps. The government must apply to the World Bank to reconsider their decision. Moreover, we know World Bank has stated, “We urged the authorities of Bangladesh to investigate this matter fully and, where justified, prosecute those responsible for corruption. We did so because we hoped the Government would give the matter the serious attention it warrants,” so the government have to realize what they want and according to that it is obvious that a special team should be formed and all who are incorporated with this corruption arrested.

Finally I hope that World Bank will give a rethink about their decision and Bangladesh government will prove their honesty if they really want the World Bank to invest again in the Padma Bridge Project.

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  • Dr J Bhattacharjee

    So everything boils down to good people or bad people. Religion has nothing to do with such unfortunate development. I keep on telling people that we must not give utmost importance on religion. Converting Bangladesh in to an Islamic state was a futile exercise. It just befooled the common Bangladeshis.

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