No Improvement of the Standstill Condition of BUET

Rather than improvement of the condition of BUET, the condition is getting worse day by day. All attempts taken to solve this problematic issue just went in a vain as no desired result came out. Finally, the teachers decided to resign; either VC and pro-VC or the teachers will stay in BUET.

The teachers, who have for a week been rallying on the campus for the abolition of the VC and the pro-VC, Habibur Rahman, on Monday gave the two top officials till Saturday to resign and endangered en masse resignation, otherwise. The teachers, on Monday, made the decision hours after the education minister, Nurul Islam Nahid, held a meeting with the institution’s alumni and the five deans, heads of the 17 departments and directors of three institutes under BUET who resigned their positions on July 11, a day after the vice-chancellor had closed the university for 44 days. The meeting ended inconclusively. However, education minister wants the teachers to sit again with VC and to manage this issue this time if mutual understanding is possible. Nevertheless, the teachers are very unwilling to sit again and what they have declared I have already mentioned.

But in response to it VC said something which is really an act of utter irresponsibility. Vice-Chancellor, SM Nazrul Islam, on Tuesday said that he would hire teachers to take classes and conduct exams.I do not know where is he going to find the replacement of this talent skilled and experienced teachers?It’s nothing but seems to me a joke. It is very much easy to hire a VC than teachers. According to me, pro-VC and VC should step down immediately from moral ground. I am just wondering when 99 percent of the students and teachers want the VC to resign why didn’t he resign yet? What does he want when everybody wants nothing more from him?

The agitating Buet teachers postponed their protest for two days from Thursday to show respect to the initiative of the education minister to resolve the continuing crisis. Prof Ashraful Islam, general secretary of Buet Teachers’ Association, while addressing a press briefing in front of the vice chancellor’s office, he said, “Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has taken initiatives to resolve the impasses. We thank him for that” .He also said, “We postponed the demonstration for two days only to prove that we didn’t launch the movement to embarrass the government,” in response to the education minister’s remarks that the teachers association of Buet does not want a peaceful solution.

So it is clear that other than resigning of vc and pro-vc there is no solution of this standstill condition. Students also want to go back to their classes as early as possible, I want the VC, and the pro-VC should resign immediately to save the highest seat of engineering studies from further instability.


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