Finally, Information and Communication Technology Minister Abul Hossain Resigns

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Syed Abul Hossain in the end resigned as minister on advice of the government high-ups yesterday. The former communications minister announced his resignation a day after Finance Minister AMA Muhith said the government could consider accepting the World Bank’s fourth condition to persuade the global lender to review its cancellation fund of the much-talked-about Padma Bridge.
The World Bank gave the government condition to leave minister Abul from his post as according to World Bank Abul was allegedly involved in corruption in the mega project of Padma Bridge. And the main reason behind the cancelling of funding of Padma bridge was the lack of response of the government about Abul Hossain who was supposedly involved in the corruption of Padma bridge. And regarding this issue world bank gave a statement in which world bank said “In light of the inadequate response by the government of Bangladesh, the World Bank has decided to cancel its $1.2 billion credit in support of the Padma multipurpose bridge project, effective immediately.”

Finally, Abul Hossain is out of his post but I think it’s too late now. i don’t know what’s the conversation is going on now between the Bangladesh government and world bank  but no impressive response we the people of Bangladesh have not found yet. Abul Hossain was just transferred from one ministry to another when the World Bank brought charge against him and this decision of resigning should have taken that time. If the Bangladesh government took the decision of substituting abul Hossain that time these entire situation wouldn’t have arisen now nor the world bank would have cancelled funding.

Now its time to see world banks response of this resignation of Abul Hossain. All the conditions they gave have been fulfilled by the resignation of minister Abul. Hope World Bank will reconsider their decision and will come again to fund the Padma Bridge.

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