Burial of Humayun Ahmed: Nuhash Palli Humayuns’ Last Wish

Janaza of Humayun Ahmed has already been held at Jatiya Eidgah where thousands of his fans participated.  Before it he was kept at the Central Shaheed Minar for three hours from 11:00am for people to pay last tributes to their favorite novelist. Now his body has been kept in the mortuary of city’s BIRDEM Hospital. Where to bury Humayun Ahmed it is still undecided. That is the last thing the fans and the people of Bangladesh want to know.

Yesterday his family confirmed that the legendary writer would not be buried at Nuhash Palli in Gazipur. Humayun Ahmed’s younger brother Ahsan Habib said it was quite certain that the writer would not be buried at Nuhash Palli. According to the wish of humayn ahmeds mother banani or mirpur may be the burial place of Humayun Ahmed. So The body of the legendary writer can be buried in three possible places: Dhaka University, Banani Graveyard and Mirpur martyred intellectual graveyard. Ahsan Habib told the reporters, we they had not been able to make a decision yet. But he (Humayun Ahmed) is not going to be buried at Nuhash Palli. The reason behind this is the distance of nuhash palli from Dhaka city.And His fans and well-wishers want him to stay in their midst. He said that they were continuing their discussions. Ahsan Habib said the final decision would be taken after writer’s wife Meher Afroz Shaon reached Bangladesh on Monday

The question of where to bury arises confliction after shaon reached with the rest of Humayun Ahmed. She does not want Humayun Ahmed to be buried anywhere but nuhashpalli. Moreover, Humayun Ahmeds last wish was that. He told shaon to bury him near his trees in nuhashpalli after his death.And shaon requested everyone to do not make any argue on this matter of burial. A weeping Shaon told reporters at Dhaka airport, “His last wish was (that he be buried in) Nuhash Palli. Please do not make him suffer anymore. Please make arrangements for burial in Nuhash Palli.”  She, Humayun’s wife Meher Afroz Shaon also added to the reporters at the Shaheed Minar, “He had told me that everybody will fight over this issue if anything happens to him. He told me, ‘Don’t let them make me suffer. Take me to Nuhash Palli. Leave me with my trees’.”

Junior LGRD Minister Jahangir Kabir Nanak told reporters there, “The government will bear the burial expenses if they [family] decide to lay Humayun Ahmed to rest in any government graveyard.”

Finally, no decision has taken and burial of humaynun will be held tomorrow. Today all the family members will take decision where Humayun Ahmed will finally be buried.

3 comments to Burial of Humayun Ahmed: Nuhash Palli Humayuns’ Last Wish

  • Gina

    It was Shaon’s wish to bury Humayun Ahmed at Nuhash palli. Humayun Ahmed clearly mentioned in a interview that he doesn’t want to be burried at Nuhash Palli after his death. I just don’t understand why Shaon would do such a thing. She was a home wrecker back then and now she became a devil.
    She is trying to prove to everyone that she was his wife and she knew such information that know one else did. I am sure she has other intention behind all this.

  • Dr J Bhattacharjee

    “She is trying to prove to everyone that she was his wife” What is she then?

  • anamika

    she is a greedy,dirty s#*g and a home wrecker!

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