BNP Will Start Their Movement Right After Eid

According to Khaleda Zia the chairperson of BNP, BNP will start their movement  to rise democracy or to restore democracy and this movement will going to start right after the Eid-ul-fitr which is generally we can say the anti-government movement.

Khaleda Zia gave the declaration of movement from an iftar party organized by the 18-Party opposition coalition member Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The iftar party was held in westin,gulshan where all the leaders of the 18-party were present. In front of the leaders and other who attended, the party Khaleda Zia said, “We, the 18-party coalition, will begin movement after the Eid to protect the people of the country against repression, injustice”

So it is evident that BNP is going to their movement again which was stopped due to Ramadan. They are not going to stay quiet. And they have so many issues already which has made their position strong and one of them is the Padma bridge project. Moreover, the Awami league government is still unable to make their position clear regarding this issue. From the very beginning, they are giving conflicting statements, which is a plus point for BNP, and surely, BNP is going to use this issue boost up their movement. After the iftar Khaleda Zia also said, “We will be victorious over repression and injustice. Because we were successful in waging movement against autocracy and restored democracy,”

Another concern is the oppression on the journalists and regarding to this issue Khaleda zia added, “There is nothing called independence of media under the current government rule. Journalists are being oppressed by the powerful. A total of 14 journalists were killed in the last three and a half years. There was no remedy for those,” And I think adding this subject in the movement will enable BNP to have the support of the journalists.

By the time, Sheikh Hasina has offered an interim government to for overseeing the elections which government will include leaders from both parties. Nevertheless, BNP strictly discarded this proposal. Concerning this party’s National Standing Committee member Moudud Ahmed told a discussion at the Ladies Club at Eskaton , “The BNP and the 18-Party Alliance will not take part in any election under a partisan government or an interim government led by the current Prime Minister … we want a non-partisan and impartial government,”

According to the reaction from BNP, it is clear that in no way they are going to attend the election until all of their demands are accepted. It’s time to see now how the Awami league government responds.


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