Bangladesh in Olympic 2012

Bangladesh with their flag in the opening ceremony !

The history of Bangladesh in Olympic is very miserable .Bangladesh has competed in seven summer  Olympic games and last time they competed in the year of 2008. Before that, Bangladesh took part in Olympic Games in 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008. And this year Bangladesh is competing for the 8th time. We the people of Bangladesh are looking towards the performance of the athletes with great hope. We want the Bangladesh 2012 Olympic journey will be a fruitful one.

No Bangladeshi athlete has ever qualified for the Olympics, and bangladesh only sends athletes thanks to the wild-card process. In 2008, athletes competed in swimming, running and shooting.And these year athletes will compete in swimming shooting and gymnastic artistic. The athletes this from Bangladesh is quazi syque caeser,sharmin ratna and Rahman mohammad mahfuzur.

Sharmin ratna has already played in her event; she played in women’s ten-meter air rifle. Though she was in a great form, he could not show her best in Olympic. She placed 27 among the 55 athletes in this event. She scored 395, which is not enough to be among best eight. London 2012 gymnast Syque Caesar has told BBC Sport he is hoping to boost Bangladesh’s Olympic hopes. The 21-year-old United States-born athlete won gold at an international event in December – Bangladesh’s first in gymnastics. And Mahfuzur Rahman will take part in the men’s 50 meter freestyle.

Our country is the most populated country in the world never to come in first, second or third place in any Olympic event.most of the times couldn’t even pass the heat before the final. What are the reasons behind this?  We ranked eighth in the world having 160 million people but in the Olympic, we have never won any medal.

One might point to the fact that the main sport of Bangladesh is cricket, which is not an Olympic sport. In top-level International Cricket Counsel Competition though, Bangladesh is ranked ninth out of nine.

However, the main reason behind this is Money. Lack of it is the cause we can’t train our athlete to the level which will make them able to compete and win. The national event we arrange here in our country is very low in rank compared to the other countries. We do not even have a electronic score board to capture the timing of the athletes. Still we are depended on stopwatch! How funny! more over due to lack of money and spirit of the people related to this side we can’t send our athletes abroad for higher training as result they are not very much qualified in skill or techniques. We have good athletes who have the potential to show their incredibility but we do not have enough support for them.

Hope in 2012 Olympic our athletes will try to give their level best. We don’t need a medal we just want to see the best from our athletes.

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