Who is going to play the final? Bangladesh or South Africa?

Ashraful is in form vs South Africa!

Bangladesh has nothing to do now but looking at the result of today’s match between South Africa and Zimbabwe. If South Africa gets defeated by Zimbabwe then Bangladesh will play the final but if South Africa wins then there is no more hope as Bangladesh a very low run rate compare to this teams. Zimbabwe is in top with net run rate +0.279.south Africa is just behind them with net run rate +0.111.and Bangladesh in the last position and run rate is -0.293!

However, we Bangladeshis should appreciate our players as they have defeated South Africa the previous day by 3 wickets. At the starting of this triangular series Bangladesh was in a very awful position as they had lost two matches consecutively which made us think that Bangladesh has no chance but after that our tigers came back with great playing and upraise the chance of playing final. So there is still hope.

As a supporter of Bangladesh, I am missing Shakib –Al-Hasan in this series. If Shakib was in team Bangladesh would have won these matches without any trouble and surely it is my opinion I do not know what r u thinking but I can say most of u will be agreed on it. More over Tamim is not fit at all, which is another reason behind the crush of tigers in their first two matches. Nevertheless, there is a positive side of not playing Shakib is that Bangladesh team is now has become a team “Shakib dependent” and this series was a chance for the team to come out of it and I think they have shown their capability.

One thing has attracted my interest and that is the opening partnership in between Ashraful and Tamim. They have done well in every match that was in need of Bangladesh for a long time and Ashraful has back his form again. In addition, you know when Ashraful is in form Bangladesh obviously is in form.

So let’s wait for the result of today’s match “Zimbabwe v south Africa” and this time no doubt i am a supporter of Zimbabwe!


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