Indefinite Closure of Factories Declared by the Garment Exporters in Ashulia

The frustrated garment exporters declared indefinite closure of factories in Ashulia. In previous writhing, I shared with you that the way adopted by the workers or by the exporters was not an effective one to solve this issue and this happened. Rather than having a solution, this problem has turned in a big crisis now.

clash in Ashulia

clash again between the workers and police in Ashulia

The leaders of Bangladesh garment manufacturers and exporters association, two zenith platforms of the garment sector, jointly took the decision at a meeting at the BGMEA office in Dhaka. Actually, without taking this decision there was no other way right then. Due to the labor unrest, more than 300 factories are decided to keep close. BGMEA president Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin told that in a press briefing.

However, it is claimed that this total situation is nothing but a conspiracy.  I am not fully agreed on it but the BGMEA president believes did not stem from the demand for salary hike. He said the unrest and vandalism in the factories were not the acts of regular workers. According to him, a few vested groups were trying to destroy the garment sector.

So about 450000-500000 workers of about 350 garment factories of Ashulia will be out of work if the authority remain stiff on their decision. i think this decision will stir up the workers more. May the situation will go worse.

We know that the socio-economic development of our country is highly dependent on this garment sector. As soon as possible, this crisis in the garment sector needs to be solved. i urged to the government to ensure security for garment factories as it is provided for key point installations. After all, entire problem is mainly a problem in between the workers and the garment workers. One have to compromise but the situation is such that they are far away from compromising. Therefore, I suggest the owners the exporters to increase the salary of the workers as to me there is no solution other than this. I hope that the excited condition of Ashulia will end very soon and will see the workers working again with full deliberation.

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