BNP’s Dhaka Rally: what will be the outcome?

BNP's Rally

A portion of the BNP supporters

It has already been declared by BNP that no hurdles can stop their supporters to participate the rally while the Awami league government is trying its best to make this rally an unsuccessful one. According to BNP about 1.5 million people is going to attend this rally but I think it will quiet impossible as the government has already taken some steps so that people from outside of Dhaka can’t attend the BNP’s Dhaka rally.

It is funny to hear that the Police prevented on Sunday launches headed for Dhaka from Barisal apparently to prevent people from joining an opposition rally, saying there was a chance of a cyclone. In addition, the funniest thing is that the chance of cyclone is not even declared by the weather office but by the police.

Police have given BNP some conditions that BNP is bound to obey. Nevertheless, I think BNP will surely break these conditions as it is ordered that their workers have to come just before 2 hours the rally starts and BNP have to conclude the rally within 5:30. So again, clash between the leading political parties is going to arise no doubt.

However, BNP has completed its preparation. Installation of a 60-foot long and 29-feet wide stage was complete on Monday morning. Volunteer team of 2000 activists has been fashioned to protect peace and discipline but it actually depends how the government is going to act during the rally time.

The 18 Party coalition leaders said Khaleda zia is going to announce next course of action in this programme which for we the people of Bangladesh eagerly waiting. Hope this time BNP will not take any decision goes against the general people of Bangladesh no more innocent people will be fired alive without any blunder.


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