The best evidence we have to suggest that Muhammad was partially literate was that he was a merchant. He drove a caravan owned by his first wife. This certainly would have encouraged Muhammad to know at least enough writing to be able to read simply documents like supply orders. Obviously this would suggest a fairly small vocabulary, as well, and nothing even close to the level of vocabulary in the Qur’an, which actually even includes some Aramaic loan words for the more complex theological concepts.

According to Muslim tradition, the companions of the Prophet who first converted to Islam wrote chapters of the Qur’an on leaves and stones, suggesting that they didn’t even have the basic supplies necessary for writing. This corresponds with the limited written evidence we have for early Islam – for the first seventy years, the only documentation we have are stone inscriptions, mostly gravestone or road markers.

However, this changed dramatically after his death, as the expansion picked up. The Muslims were in control of Egypt, and thus controlled the world’s supply of papyrus. At this point, they had also conquered Syria and the Holy Land, as well as much of Persia, and so would have access to the scribes and libraries in these territories. It’s probably in part for this reason that in the decades that followed, we have the first Muslim (Arab) documents being produced, including court letters from the caliphs, early histories of the expansion, and biographies of the Prophet, in addition to copies of the Qur’an.

The story of written poems being hung on the wall of Kaa’ba during Muhammad’s time is highly controversial.

The eloquence and strong vocabulary of Qur’an puts question about its genesis in present form. Attributing this to divine source is gross deception.

Don’t get annoyed. Just think. I am equally convinced that ‘Geeta’ is not God sent. Unlike Muhammad, Sri Krishna is an imaginary figure (God) and ‘Geeta’ was written by some other people in the name of Sri Krishna to give it sanctity.

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  • z

    Dr J Bhattacharjee. Actually u have no idea about Islam. You should read the Quran more deeply without any partiality. Everybody knows that ‘Geeta’ is not God sent and ‘Geeta’ was written by some other people in the name of Sri Krishna to give it sanctity. So now u want to corrupt the pureness of Holy Quran. Mr. Ass; u should read more and more.

  • Dr J Bhattacharjee

    Mr who-so-ever you may be,
    You have read Qur’an but have no idea about its genesis. And you don’t want to know this also. You talk like a fundamentalist.
    You ask a Hindu fundamentalist and he will tell that Geeta is God (Sri Krishna) sent and it is purest. In context of the genesis and purity of Hindu and Muslim scriptures, it will be your statement versus his. There will not be any Allah or Krishna to tell who is right.
    What partiality you are talking of? I need not have to corrupt Qur’an. It is inherently corrupt. You talk in a stereotype manner that no non-Muslim can understand Qur’an. The fact is you understand Qur’an the way in which your fundamentalist and semiliterate preachers want you to understand it. You don’t possess an open mind. You are indoctrinated only. The bad language used by you reflects your helplessness.

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