Revisit Islam

“Shukh paai dhukh paai, Shibor loge Kailash Jaai’– so says an old East Bengal Hindu saying. It connotes a strong Hindu belief independent of reasoning. Here ‘Shib’ is God and the believers are ready to pass through good and bad times to be with Shiv to go to Kailash or heaven. Today, most of the Hindus, except some illiterates and poor, do not believe in such thing. And Hindus in general are still Hindus. Here I am not trying to say that Hinduism is better. I am just giving an example of shift in religious belief. Hinduism is also as hollow as any other religion.

However, coming to the main point, the more one tries to discipline his child with n number of compulsive duties, behaviours, dictums, fictitious greatness of his father and fear for him the less will be the child’s mental development. He will either become a loser, rogue, schizophrenic, xenophobic or  idiot and will perpetually suffer from adjustment disorder in a pluralistic world. This is the result of blind doctrin-based teaching of Islam.

Islam needs to be revisited by Bangladeshi youths.

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