A Jihadi lecture somewhere in Bangladesh:

“Why are there so many infidels in our countries? Almighty Allah had asked us to do jihad some fourteen hundred years ago. What we have been doing so long? Jihad is the main obligation of all Muslims. Kill the infidels. Jihad is a holy terror approved by Islam. We have pure Islamic blood, we are the best and we will establish Sariah  in Bangladesh: Insallah. What is this “Amar Sonar Bangla…”? This is a Hindu song. Hindus are not the only infidels in Bangladesh. There are others like poets, intellectuals, rationalists who advocate Bengali culture in the form of Hindu “Poila Baishakh”, “Robindra Sangeet” and “Nazrul Geeti” etc.. Many of their earlier generation were killed by our Islamic Pakistani brothers. All these infidels need to be eliminated now once for all. Our prophet ordered us to kill infidels. He set the example by killing the Jews of Yathrib.

Bangladesh should not have any educational institution except Madrassas of all kinds like Hafijia, Forkinia, Darshi, Nizami and Kowmi. Madrassa is the only sacred teaching institution. Look at the spectacular achievements of our Taliban brothers in Afghanistan and remote mountain areas of Pakistan! We, therefore, need to close all the schools, colleges, universities of all kinds pushed on us by the Christians more than hundred year back.

Presently, we are under the rule of a woman in Bangladesh. Earlier there was another woman who ruled us. To be under the rule of a woman is un-Islamic and worse than living in hell. The women need to be under men’s absolute control as specified in Islamic system. Women are Satan and witch. As per holy Islamic laws, they should be our slaves. All Muslim man should have four wives at one point of time. They may give talaq to existing wife/wives and remarry as many times as they desire. If they don’t, then they are not true Muslims. Adultery is ‘haram’ in Islam. But forcible sex with non-Muslim woman, particularly Hindu, is approved in Islam and this is a holy act. When you violet a Hindu girl you are actually destroying a Hindu town.

We have to destroy all Hindu temples and Christian churches in Bangladesh and construct mosques there. The true soldiers of Islam have done this through earlier centuries in many parts of the world. Even the name of our country’s capital is a Hindu one. The word Dhaka sounds like Dhakeswari temple. We should change all Hindu names of our towns and roads in the country to pure Islamic names. The trend of keeping names like “Akbar Ahmed Montu” or “Khirunnesa Bonya” by Bangladeshi Muslims is highly un-Islamic. We should create a fear psychosis among them so that they return back to pure Islamic names.

If we can follow the path as has been explained, all Bangladeshi Muslims will go to heaven Ferdous: Insallah. In heaven Ferdous all can have sex with ‘hoors’ throughout the day and night and drink ‘tahura’- the best wine. You will get ‘gelmans’- young boys for highest joy. Islam  has deprived you from all such pleasures in this life so that you can be true Jihadis and rightly earn these pleasures for life hereafter by killing and destroying all un-Islamic things of this world. This is the highest incentive only Islam can offer.

Remember Islam is the only solution for everything and there is no other solution than Islam. So go and fight it out. Only Islam will win: Insallah.”

What Bangladeshi youths have to say about the above mentioned Jihadi lecture?

6 comments to A Jihadi lecture somewhere in Bangladesh:

  • kawsir

    They are telling the truth.
    This world is nothing. This is only a field of examination.
    Read Qur’an and Hadit more and more. You will find the truth, you will know Allah.

    I think, you have lacking in your knowledge about Islam and Muhammad (SM). Read more and you will find the truth.

    • monjurul

      some say, if you read quran without knowing its meanings then you will remain a muslim; but if you read with full meanings and try to understand the whole quran then you will convert to an Atheist.

      Do you know the meanings of your name ‘kawsir’? There is a small spelling mistake, it should ‘cow sir’, the teacher of cows. You should originally teach the cows.

  • Dr J Bhattacharjee

    Dear Kawsir,

    If they are telling the truth then Qur’an is a war mannual full of hatred towards non-Muslims and Islam is a terrorists’ religion. Perpetual sexual pleasure of all kinds and wine in the life hereafter are the main motivating forces for the Muslim terrorists in this life. In your comments you have endorsed those points only. Do you understand what you are telling?

    The number of Fedayins who are being sent to Paradise through violent deaths in the name of Islam will soon over-populate the paradise.

    When people like you want to avoid reasonings, you simply advice us to study more and more of Qur’an and Hadith. Reading more and more about the false things will change the perspective of an indoctrinated person like you only. And that is the truth. I don’t want to add to that sad statistics.

  • jihad is for peace. but now it used for terrorism. this is a holy word. But because of some terrorist this meaning is changed into terrorism . stop this thing.

    • Dr J Bhattacharjee

      Thanks for the comment. However I shall request you to read about Islam thoroughly. Don’t accept blindly whatever the Mullas say.

    • Dr J Bhattacharjee

      Jihad is fight in the way of Allah. Now what is the Allah’s way? It is the establishment of Islamic rule on whole world. Muslims have been asked to kill Kaffirs. Terrorists are doing so. bin Laden, Mulla Omar and likes are propagating Jihad through terrorism. The issue of ‘internal jihad’ got publicity unnecessarily. The confusion has come because of confusing Qur’anic verses. Where is peace in Islamic world? But Jihad is on most Muslim’s lip.

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