History of Bangladesh – Gupta Dynasty (240-550 CE)

History of Bangladesh: Ancient Period – Part 2

Gupta Dynasty (c.240-550 CE):

In 321BC, Chandra Gupta Morjo established Gupta dynasty in India. In Northern Bangla Gupta dynasty established in the period of Ashak (269-232 BC). It was in Bogra Mahasthangarh and the Pundra Nagar was the capital of this reign. According to Huen Shang, a Chinese visitor,

Kumaradevi and Chandragupta in a coin made by Samudragupta

A Coin - Chandragupta with his wife Kumaradevi

not only northern side of Bangla but also the south-east Bangla Samatat, Tamralipi, Kornosuborno (Murshidabad) ware under the Gupta rule. Bengal was an important part under Gupta kingdom. The period of the Imperial Guptas is generally considered to be the golden age of Indian history. The people of this period enjoyed an environment of religious tolerance.

A Chinese visitor, known as Fa-hsien, states that in the east, Tamralipti was the great emporium for trading. Many Gupta coins which were found in Bengal, prove that the economic condition of this region was very strong under the Guptas.

In the first half of the sixth century AD, the invasions of the Hunas broke down the Gupta Empire. Southern and Eastern Bengal shook off the suzerainty of the Guptas and attained importance as an independent kingdom under local rulers. During this time there were two independent state established in Bangla, namely Vanga and Gouda.

List of the rulers of Gupta Empire:

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Shashanka was a prestigious ruler of the history of Bangla. He was first recorded independent king of Bangla, reigning from 606. Shashanka spreaded his kingdom and captured Gauda in the begining of the seventh century. Shashanka spreaded his kingdom far away from the geographical boundaries. He is very important king in the history of Bengal (Bangladesh, West-Bengal) because he was the first who tried to establish a north Indian kingdom and defended the Gauda kingdom.

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